We clean, recycle, and return water to the environment every minute of every day. 

Vision Statement

"The Bayshore Regional Sewerage Authority is Committed to a Clean Environment for Today, Tomorrow and Generations to Come".

In fulfilling that commitment, the BRSA Commissioners, Staff and Professionals strive to provide High Level Wastewater Treatment service to the Northern Bayshore Communities while actively pursuing process improvements that will lower the cost of doing business.


We are committed to establishing the highest standards of quality, while protecting the environment. We are devoted to producing safe working conditions for all employees, while continually improving our workplace practices. Our team is enthusiastic in overcoming all obstacles in a fiscally responsible manner, while delivering exceptional results.

Awards & Recognitions

BRSA is staffed with a Professional team focused on the greatest results for the lowest cost. Please use the attached link under the "Information" tab of the website to view the various awards and recognition the BRSA has been awarded. Please use the attached link under the "About Us - Bayshore Success Center" tab of the website to view the various employees that have received awards and recognition from BRSA and other organizations. 

What We Do

BRSA is a member of the New Jersey Water Environment Association (NJWEA) and the National Water Environment Federation (WEF). WEF created the video below to illustrate the work we do.